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1 MegaVolt, Dual Belt Van de Graaf (VDG) Generator

This bad-boy is a hair-raiser.   I contacted Fred Graff at Physics Playground about his Van de Graaff generators (I saw them on Ebay) for some high-voltage experiments.  I asked him if he had any higher-voltage devices than the 700kV Van … Continue reading

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First Coil Wind

Ok, now that the coil winder is just about done, I’m impatient to get one wound (the Eastern Voltage Research SSTC 2.0 kit is finshed and tested).    The main issue is how to keep the PVC tube centered on the … Continue reading

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Tesla Coil Winder

Once you start down the slippery-slope of Tesla Coil building, in addition to the “original” spark-gap TC’s, there’s SSTC’s (Solid State Tesla Coils), DRSSTC’s (Dual-Resonance Solid State TC’s), VTTC’s (Vacuum Tube TC’s), and more.   However, they all need resonators (coils).   … Continue reading

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Hantek DSO1060 ScopeMeter

This 60MHz bandwidth dual-trace battery powered oscilloscope/multimeter is quite the buy at around $550.   The order was made with Morton Controls, and I had it in-hand 😉 in two days: The manual can be found at the Hantek Site.    We … Continue reading

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20kW Plasma Power!

Today, the long-awaited generator arrived (actually last night); 3-phase 480 volts, 25 kVA: So Brian (pictured) & I wired it up to the diminutive 5.22 inch tall rack-mountable MKS Optima OPT-200 plasma power supply: Its size belies its power..   The … Continue reading

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Eastern Voltage Research Universal Flyback Driver Kit

Need a flexible source of high-voltage at a good price?  Here’s build notes & pictures of the Eastern Voltage Research Universal Flyback Driver Kit.   I ordered this kit along with several others (which I’ll be covering later) from Dan McCauley.   … Continue reading

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A Classic Spark-Gap Tesla Coil

I built this Spark-Gap Tesla Coil (with some help from a couple of friends, Jeff & Brian) from plans and parts purchased from Alan Majernick @    Alan ships fast, is happy to help, and has been an overall joy … Continue reading

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