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Ruby Vs Python; Tug-of-War

I ran across a blog post (Ruby is beautiful – but I’m moving to Python) by David Jacobs that struck a cord with my feelings and experience on Ruby.    I’ve been using Python for over a decade, and Ruby for … Continue reading

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Carbon-Friendly Firewall

For a couple of years I felt vaguely guilty that even when all the computers were shut down, there was still one that ran 24/7 consuming about 150 watts — the firewall.    I knew that I wanted to replace it … Continue reading

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Firesheep Debacle

(Sigh), now that Firesheep, and other similar exploits, are in the main-stream, I’ve updated this blog to use full-time 256-bit “bank-safe” SSL encryption, so your cookies will be safe from roving hijackers.  If you’re using Firefox, I strongly suggest NoScript … Continue reading

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Faux Tesla Coil, or What to-do with a bad secondary?

Hmmm..  So I wound an unusable secondary, but it’s 1200 turns of yummy goodness; what do I do with it?    How about making a Faux Coil?   I have an old Radio Shack Illuma-Storm plasma globe, and it fits atop the … Continue reading

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In the City of Adventure, we were in a hurry to get results to the lab, and didn’t notice our reactor going critical — until it was too late: Black blood sprayed over the deck, and thick billowing grey smoke … Continue reading

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