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Transmitting Magnetic Fields – That’s Amazing!

Physicists have figured out how to transmit magnetic fields via a “hose”.  Of course, it’s not your garden-variety hose, but none-the-less it’s a conduit; one that carries magnetic, not electrical charge (though it might do that too).  It’s a bit … Continue reading

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Install your own open source private cloud with ownCloud

Do you need cloud storage under your control?   Concerned about cloud providers breaking promises, selling you out, losing your data, closing up shop, cancelling your account, or the feds taking their computers along with your data? Try ownCloud; it provides … Continue reading

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MFJ-492X How-To Reset on Fail

The other day when I tried to power-up my MFJ-492X memory keyer, all I got was a short, low frequency “bzzz”.    The lights down the left side of the front panel cycled as normal, but it wouldn’t generate any tones. … Continue reading

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End robocaller, solicitation, and hangup calls with Asterisk & Raspberry Pi

Do you have a land-line that is constantly barraged with unwanted robo, solicitation, and “hangup” calls, even though you’re on the do not call registries?   This project uses a Raspberry Pi and an OBi110 voice-bridge to create an Automated Attendant … Continue reading

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Build your own computer-stabilized flying UAV/RPV drone platform

What distinguishes a radio-controlled  aircraft from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or “drone”) is the presence of an on-board computer (the Auto-Pilot Module, or APM) capable of flying the vehicle with or without direct control of a person. I’ve been following … Continue reading

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