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Gamma Spectroscopy – Building Your (lead) Castle

One of the challenges of doing any kind of quantitative measurement is achieving the best possible signal to noise ratio.   When performing gamma spectroscopy, especially with very low levels of radiation (signal),  background radiation (noise) can easily mask/hide/swamp the desired … Continue reading

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Get on the map! An “Internet of Things” Geiger counter for $100

Do you live near a nuclear facility?   Are you concerned about contamination from Fukushima?  Would you like to chart fluctuations in cosmic rays, or track the solar winds? This post covers building and configuring a net-connected Geiger counter that takes … Continue reading

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DIY Geiger Counter Compact GK-B5 Packaging

You’ve built the kit, you have your GM tube, now how do you get your Geiger counter into the field and have some fun?   Obviously, you have to package it.   From the infinity of possibilities, where do you turn?  Do … Continue reading

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LND 7317 – Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiation Detector

This post describes how to build a versatile A/B/G ionizing radiation detector for about $200 using the LND 7317 detector tube. Most Geiger counters are able to detect Beta & Gamma radiation, and perhaps X-rays; these are the more energetic … Continue reading

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