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After deploying for the Springer fire, arson investigation, and the Waldo Canyon fires, I have a few days to get ready for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (delayed due to fire).    Getting up on the mountain at 3AM, and not being finished until 7PM, it makes for a long day, especially on the remote power system (batteries).   As such, I decided to spruce up the radio & power equipment with Anderson Powerpole connectors; so I ordered a bunch of connectors, crimper, and cables from Quicksilver radio.  For the battery runs, I decided to use #6 cable and 75 amp Powerpoles to feed a pure sine-wave inverter.   What arrived was 30 feet of #8 red/black zip cord.   Unfortunately,  I didn’t notice the discrepancy until I had already cut-off 3 feet of cord.  The next (business) day, I called John at Quicksilver radio, and explained the situation. He promptly told me to keep the #8, and the #6 would ship out that day.

Great customer service, thanks Quicksilver!

NOTEARES and RACES use the same configuration for Powerpole assembly.  This assures that all equipment using Powerpoles will interconnect.    The 15, 30, and 45 amp housings are identical, and will interconnect.  The 75 amp connectors are physically larger, and will only fit with other 75 amp connectors.   The same convention “red to right, tab on top” is followed when connectors are viewed from the front (contact) side.

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