First Coil Wind

Ok, now that the coil winder is just about done, I’m impatient to get one wound (the Eastern Voltage Research SSTC 2.0 kit is finshed and tested).    The main issue is how to keep the PVC tube centered on the winder, between the pulleys:

I decided to use some Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), so I first traced out a circle that is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the tube:

Compass Circle

Then I cut out around the circle with a scroll-saw, and drilled a 1/4-inch hole in the center.   I then put a bolt through it and attached it to a drill-press, where I used a file to grind down the MDF to the size that fit nicely in the tube:

I then bolted the MDF rounds to the plastic pulleys (via the 1/4″ center) and drilled a couple of 10-32 sized holes through the pulleys and MDF on either side of center.   I then bolted the MDF to the pulleys with 10-32 bolts, and voilà, the shaft fit right down the center, and the tube is now supported at both ends by the MDF.    Winding commences, and using a couple of lab-stands for spool-wire supports, we’re off to the races!

So, once the coil was wound (2000 turns), I took it “out back” to apply the Dolph’s Synthite AC-43 high-voltage varnish.   I set the power supply to a low voltage and let the spindle rotate while the varnish dried to eliminate dripping:

Dolph's AC-43

Then I let the coil dry for 24 hours and tested the resistance;  NOTE TO SELF:  Next time be sure the wire has an enamel coating…  Coil wind FAIL.

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