Transmitting Magnetic Fields – That’s Amazing!

Physicists have figured out how to transmit magnetic fields via a “hose”.  Of course, it’s not your garden-variety hose, but none-the-less it’s a conduit; one that carries magnetic, not electrical charge (though it might do that too).  It’s a bit leaky,  it only works with superconducting materials (very cold), and it isn’t very long (7cm); but it’s a start.
It begs many questions, can magnetic fields be circulated indefinitely like electrical current?  Can multiple magnetic hoses be combined to increase field strength?    Can the magnetic fields be focussed and sensed to detect material defects?   Could an MRI/PET scan “helmet” be created instead of putting someone inside a huge machine.

Could magnetic fields be directed to produce ultra-efficient motors?  What types of directed energy devices will become possible?  What advances in material science will be enabled when we can easily manipulate molecular alignments?

Will we be able to create malleable fields to contain and direct plasmas for fusion energy and creating new, pure materials?   A possible application could be plasma separation of elements;  vaporize sea water, and use the directed magnetic fields to extract precious metals (without messy screens), and in the process create purified water.  How many frogs can we levitate with magnetic hoses?

It seems to me to be a technological advance similar to the LASER of the 60’s.   A fundamental new way to harness energies we are familiar with, but allowing us to apply them in new ways.   We can now only begin to think of ways to use this tool.

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  1. Alex says:

    Not only could you create ultra-efficient motors you could also do really fun things with wheel motors. Currently wheel motors aren’t necessarily very popular due to their high unsprung weight; if you took out the magnets and put them in the engine bay……..

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